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One from the archives. This piece of montage was my submissing to the exhibition For The Face in Sydney a couple of years back. I shot all the base images on my trusty Sony A7rii full frame camera. The final print was 3.0m x 2.0m, a whopper!


The amazingly talented four-gal-gang and musical force, All Our Exes Live in Texas, launched their album last week, heading straight to number 8 on the Australian Arias Chart!

Earlier this year Minifilm produced the official music clip to accompany their second single, Devil’s Part, check it out here.

For the last 6 months I’ve been working on an awesome adventure film called The Nest. And it’s going to be ready very very soon.

Think of the summer movies of your youth as a teenage boy, and then add a Chinese twist! The production shot both here and in China, and features an American, Australian and Chinese cast.

My piece of the creative pie has been to produce and composite the many GUI (graphical user interfaces) for all the devices in the film. So every time someone get’s out a laptop or GPS device, that’s all me ūüôā

There have been a a huge number of 2d paint comps to do too. The total number of shots I’ve worked on is over two hundred now, so yeah, I’ve been busy…

My latest clip for The Devil’s Part by¬†All Our Exes Live in Texas is out!

I also just had the pleasure of chatting to Helen Shield on ABC Radio about it today (skip right to the end).

The clip itself is on Youtube!

Today I’m finishing the first batch of FX shots for Bloodlands, an indie horror shocker by Steven Kastrissios. Finishing funds courtesy of¬†Screen Australia.¬†Thanks guys!

I’m currently working on a Fremantle production called Mary: Making of a princess. It’s all about ‘our’ Mary and how she became royalty¬†– and all that. I’m doing the compositing work and visual effects of the sort you’re not supposed to notice! I have to say the team working on it are super¬†talented. It’ll screen on Channel Ten a little later in the year.