Book Week

An independent Australian black comedy.

Client: Crash House Productions
Date: August 30, 2018
Services: Compositing, Titles Design & Art Direction


Book Week (2018) is a black comedy about a disgraced novelist turned English teacher trying to find redemption. It premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2019, screened on Foxtel, and was also released on Bluray, DVD, iTunes and GooglePlay.

This was the perfect job for me, a motion designer who likes to get their hands dirty in other disciplines. I was given free rein by the director to deliver original concepts for the title sequence, and I also took the opportunity to source and shoot the many props I used.

I used Nuke to give some life to the final shots with some subtle animation.


Having established a graphic look for the film, I then took on the role of Art Director to produce the poster for the film, working together with graphic designer Katherine Johnson.


My tools on the project were Nuke, Cinema 4D and Adobe Creative Cloud, and my very trusty Sony A7rii.